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We were referred to speak to Fresh Utilities about our Electricity renewal which was due in 3 months time.  From the first phone call the experience was extremely professional and we felt at ease with all aspects of the process.  We were kept in informed of every stage of the process from the initial fact find regarding our contracts to the proposal and then signature on the new contracts.  The whole process was seamless and our only involvement was to agree to the proposal (which wasn’t a hard decision considering they had been able to find an option that saved us 27% compared to our previous year) and sign a few documents.

We are now working with Fresh Utilities and introducing them to all our clients to see how they can assist them with reducing their energy costs.


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We have worked with Fresh Utilities now for over 6 years.  We were first introduced by one of our suppliers who had highly recommended that we at least give them a try.  At first we were slightly sceptical about the potential savings that could be made as energy is a major cost to our business and therefore it is something we look to address when the contracts are up for renewal.

When the team at Fresh came back to us with a proposal for renewing both electricity and gas contracts at our 2 sites we were surprised to say the least.  Pleasantly surprised may I add.  Fresh were able to propose renewal contracts that offered a 12% saving.  To put this figure into context, based on our previous years consumption this was a reduction of £67,000.

As stated earlier, Fresh Utilities have handled our contract renewals for over 6 years now and we will continue to do so as the process is simple, efficient and we know it is being handled in our best interests.  This allows us to focus on our business leaving the energy procurement where it should be, in the hands of experts.

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Fresh Utilities were recommended to us by our accountant.  We were in the process of setting up an Indian Restaurant where we were converting the building from a previous use.  We contacted Fresh Utilities to see how they could assist us.  After a meeting, it was clear that they were very experienced at what they do.  We knew that we needed to expand the incoming gas supply as it would not be suitable for our capacity needs.  Fresh were able to take this headache from us and even recommend a commercial plumbing and central heating specialist who could handle the work alongside the energy company installing the meter.

As anyone who has set up a restaurant or similar will know, the list of work to do is endless.  Fresh Utilities were able to put our mind at ease, knowing that all aspects of our supply needs and energy contract negotiation were being handled by such an experienced team.  Leaving us to focus on other aspects of the renovation.

We would highly recommend Fresh Utilities to anyone in a similar situation as we were in or just wanting a new energy contract priced and renewed.

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We have used Fresh Utilities for a number of years with other businesses.  We started as a small Powder Coatings company but had continued to trade successfully and grow to the point where we were looking to expand into much larger premises.

We immediately contacted Fresh Utilities who looked into the contracts already in place by the previous tenants, handled all of the market search on our behalf, and then put forward a proposal to do a change of tenancy and set up new contracts as they were able to identify lower rates than the previous tenants.  At our proposed annual consumption this would show a saving of £10,000 per year.

We will continue to use Fresh Utilities for all of our companies and refer them to clients at all opportunities.

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One of the Director’s of Fresh Utilities happened to be one of our customers.  One day he asked if we had ever considered using a broker for our energy procurement.  After a brief discussion we thought we would give it a go as we had nothing to lose.

The process was simple and hassle free and required very little of our involvement other than giving a copy of our electricity invoice and signing a Letter of Authority.

We were soon presented with a proposal to renew our Electricity contract which was up for renewal in 2 months time.  Fresh Utilities were able to reduce our rate by 19% which represented a saving of £1200 per year.

Fresh Utilities handled all of the contract preparation and served notice with our current supplier offering a seamless transfer to our new energy provider.

Suffice to say we were grateful to one of our customers who were able to offer us there expertise.  We will continue to use Fresh Utilities in all future energy renewals.

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We had known about Fresh Utilities for some time as they are a supporter of our charity.  The first opportunity we had to use them was with our Electricity renewal.  The process was simple and within a short space of time were presented with a quote for renewing our Electricity contract where they had not only found a saving of 27% but also identified that we had been paying 20% VAT which as a charity is wrong, we should have been paying 5% VAT.

Fresh assisted us with the rebate of VAT from our previous energy company and handled the transfer of contract to the new provider.

We are now paying a much lower rate for our electricity and also paying the correct amount of VAT.

We would highly recommend Fresh Utilities to anyone.

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