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Below are just a few Frequently Asked Questions that our clients have asked over the years since we started business.  We hope that they can give you some answers to questions you may have.  If however you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone, email or the online enquiry form.

Do your services cost me anything?

No, we are paid a fee by the energy company that we place your business with.  We are paid the same no matter which energy provider is used, we therefore show no favouritism and our only goal is to present you with the best deal on the market.  This highlights our true independence.

What information do you need to be able to offer me a quote?

A recent Gas and Electricity Bill is our initial starting point.

What is the benefit of using an Energy Broker?

We are experts at Energy Procurement as it is our job to understand the market, understand the pricing and find the best possible deals for our clients.  We retain all our clients once we start working with them as they can see the value we add, and we take this task away from the business to be looked after by people who understand Energy Procurement.

We also have access to rates that businesses don’t have direct access to.  This is because we put so much business through the energy companies we get brokered rates.

We offer you peace of mind knowing your energy will be procured at the best rates allowing you to focus on what you do best.  Why go to the hassle of searching the whole market yourself when we can do it for you and then manage your renewals when they become due, making sure you avoid rolling into an noncompetitive contract.

I already use a broker and have done for some time?

That’s fine, we come up against brokers on a daily basis.  Wouldn’t you at least like a second opinion to see if your current broker is acting in your best interests.

I have just received a renewal notice from my current energy company?

That’s great, if you can send us a copy of that and a copy of a most recent bill, we will then be able to show you what we are capable of.  If you are happy with the proposal we will handle all of the paperwork on your behalf.

We are opening a new office, what do I need to do?

Get in touch with us as early as possible in the process, as it will allow us the best opportunity to offer a seamless process.  If it’s a new build we can assist with new installation of supplies for Gas and Electricity.  If it is an existing building with a supply if you can provide a full address and postcode as a starting point, a invoice from the previous tenant would be ideal.

How much do I need to be involved?

Very little, Quite simply if you are happy with our proposal we just need a few signatures.  We will handle everything else on your behalf.

Can you assist us with reducing our usage as well as our pricing?

Yes we can.  With being in the industry we tend to get introduced and network with a number of quality organisations that work in the likes of LED Lighting, Biomass Boilers, Solar Panels etc.  We only work with companies we trust and happily refer them to our clients to assist in every way possible at reducing our clients spend on energy as a whole.

I'm already on a good rate, why should I consider using your services?

Our first question would be, how do you know you are on a good rate.  We asked this to a few clients who’s response was because the energy company told it was the best rate.

As we are experts in energy procurement, we know what the price should be based on a number of factors including location, type of business, total usage etc.  If you don’t know what the price should be how are you ever going to know you are on the best deal.  We know what the price should be and have access to pricing across the whole market.

Are you independent or do your favour certain suppliers?

We are truly independent.  The only supplier we favour is the one that offers our client the best deal at that time.

We have access to whole market and price every new contract though all potential suppliers.  It is in our best interests to make sure our clients are happy everytime a contract is due and that we give peace of mind knowing we have searched the whole market.

I'm not in an energy contract, I am on a variable rate. What is the best option?

If you are not in an Energy Contract the likelihood is that you are paying a lot more than you should be.  We can pretty guarantee we will save you money on your current arrangements.  Try and free energy audit and find out what you could be saving.

Is it better to sign a longer term contract?

Our advice would be depending on the future view of the market at the time of contract renewal.  Some companies are signing businesses up to 5 year contracts.  In our opinion, a lot can change over that time and therefore the contract isn’t cost effective.  Between 1-3 years is the norm but we treat each case individually and are in touch with future predicted trends to therefore give the best advice possible.