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Chinese Takeaway

Our client is a very busy take away establishment in a large housing estate. They are open 7 days a week from 5pm until late. As you can imagine they have a large amount of electrical equipment including pizza ovens, fryers, grills etc. All of which is on pretty much constantly from 5pm. This made for a high amount of energy consumption.

We carried out a fact find on the current supplier arrangements of electricity and gas that were being provided by two separate suppliers. We were able to present the client with an option to remain with one of the suppliers but obtain both electricity and gas from that supplier. Not only that but we were able to offer our client a significant reduction in their energy costs saving them at least 30% of what they had been originally paying.

This saving made a huge difference to the bottom line profits of the business. They would have had to sell an additional 750 pizzas to gain the same profits.