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Grounds Maintenance

We were referred to this client through an existing client.  Up to now they had always managed their own energy procurement and talked directly with the energy companies.  Historically they had only swapped between a few of the larger energy companies 2-3 times.

We started by doing a fact find on the business to see if they had any expansion plans over the next few years, anything that could increase or decrease the normal energy consumption levels.  We then analysed the most recent invoices, asked the client to sign a LOA (Letter of Authority) to allow us to work on their behalf in gaining information about current contracts.  This includes an annual consumption figure and information regarding the end date of current contract.

Our client was approaching the end of a 2 year contract so we were able to go to market immediately and price across the whole market.  At the time we felt a 12 month contract was the best option for our client.  They agreed with the proposal and were able to save the client 36% compared to the previous year.  This was the equivalent to £1200 back on the bottom line.

The client is 4 months away from renewal and have already asked us to handle it on their behalf, knowing we will find them the best possible deal and handle all the paperwork except for a couple of signatures.