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Family Pub

Our client has a large family run pub offering full pub facilities including bar meals during lunch and dinner as well as offering bed and breakfast for up to 10 guests.  The client had been dealing with a supplier specialising in pub utilities that were billing the client direct.

The Landlord was happy that he had been getting a good deal as his bills had trended down and he only had to deal with a single supplier.

The major energy cost was electricity for lighting, pumps etc.  After analysing the usage for both gas and electricity we were able to demonstrate that by placing the business gas and business electricity with a major utility company at rates brokered by Fresh that he would be some £3692 a year better off.

We have since brokered the contracts out to a different utility company for the next 12 months who were offering a better rate to our client once we were able to manage his renewal process for him.