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Auto Manufacturing

Our client is a manufacturer of automotive parts for aftermarket sales. The plant operates between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and has a large amount of machinery all electrically powered.

Referred to us by another client the in house accounts team had been under the impression that they had three and half months to sort out a new contract, we were fortunate to receive the introduction in time to serve a notice to the existing supplier of our intention to search the market.

We carried out a fact find on the business to understand the extent of the power usage and also analysed the gas and electric bills.  We were able to present 2 options with the client; that would save the client £7500 per annum in the first year or a total of £10,000 over 24 months but at a slightly higher rate than the 12 month contract.

Given the competitive nature of their business this saving equated to in excess of a quarter of a million pounds of turnover to generate the same impact to their bottom line.