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We want to save you money with cheaper business electricity and gas.

Fresh Utilities are a leading commercial utilities broker that work with businesses of all sizes to procure cheaper business electricity and gas and also water on your behalf.  We have one single aim, to make sure you are paying the most competitive rates for your electricity and gas.  We have proven success in making sure our clients are on the cheapest rate possible.  You only need look at our testimonials page and case studies to see how successful we have been.  Try our FREE ENERGY AUDIT

Cheaper Business Electricity and Gas with our free energy audit
Cheaper Business Electricity and Gas
Electricity Procurement

Electricity Procurement

Fresh Utilities works with all types of business to assist them in procuring the best priced Electricity for their needs.  Whether you spend £100 per month on Electricity or £100,000 we will make sure you are paying the best rates.

Gas Procurement

Gas Procurement

Fresh Utilities procures Gas on behalf of businesses both large and small.  We work with Nursing Homes, Manufacturing Businesses, as well as General Commercial Offices.  If you want to pay the most competitive rates for your Gas, Call Us.



Water procurement is the next big thing within Utilities.  If you are in Scotland we can work with you now.  The UK Market opens up in 2017 and we look forward to assisting you then.  We can also work to reduce your current water rates due to over-billing.

Client Case Studies
Here Are Just A Few Examples Of Clients We Have Worked With.

Our client has a 30 bedroom hotel, introduced to us through an existing client, the hotel owners had continued to source electricity and gas through a single supplier for the last 4 years and had accepted contract renewal offers as they came up. Following a bill analysis and going to market to source pricing from all relevant suppliers the hotel was presented with 2 options and contract terms.

Fresh handled switch over to the new energy supplier for both Electricity and Gas taking care of all paperwork.

Based upon their existing usage our client will now enjoy savings in excess of £3000 per year over the next two years.  Delighted with the service we provided and the savings they are going to make our clients have since referred us to a further two hotels.

We were referred by one of our clients to an owner of a 35 bedroom nursing home operating at full capacity. Historically the owners had procured their own electricity and gas which as you can imagine, as with most nursing homes it is a large proportion of the running costs with the need for a large amount of heating and lighting.

We carried out a fact find on the property to understand where there was high energy consumption to see if we could provide advice on energy saving tips. From this analysis we were able to not only highlight potential areas to save energy but also present a cost saving proposal for combined electricity and gas saving our client 50% on their energy costs.

This saving was a welcome addition to our client’s bottom line considering the annual cost of energy. Our client is so pleased with the saving that we have been referred to two further businesses who we are now working with.

Our client is a firm of accountants referred to us by another client. As they are always looking to offer their client’s ways of saving money our cost saving ability was of great interest to them as a value add to their client base.

The initial requirement was to review 10 of their client’s current energy supplier arrangements to see if we could make savings before rolling it out to all of their clients.

After undertaking fact finds on all of the 10 clients we were able to identify potential savings on all but two of their clients, the two clients having negotiated a 3 year contract some 18 months ago. Both of these clients will enjoy savings through fresh compared to the forthcoming renewal offer. One client in particular had the option of an annual saving of £15,000.

Obviously pleased with the result, all of the 10 clients are now procuring there energy through Fresh Utilities and we are now working with a further 45 clients to offer the same opportunity for savings. We estimate that our firm of accountants could be offering their clients a combined saving of over £400,000.

Our client is a manufacturer of automotive parts for aftermarket sales. The plant operates between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and has a large amount of machinery all electrically powered.

Referred to us by another client the in house accounts team had been under the impression that they had three and half months to sort out a new contract, we were fortunate to receive the introduction in time to serve a notice to the existing supplier of our intention to search the market.

We carried out a fact find on the business to understand the extent of the power usage and also analysed the gas and electric bills.  We were able to present 2 options with the client; that would save the client £7500 per annum in the first year or a total of £10,000 over 24 months but at a slightly higher rate than the 12 month contract.

Given the competitive nature of their business this saving equated to in excess of a quarter of a million pounds of turnover to generate the same impact to their bottom line.

Our client is a leading local department store offering an incredible range of merchandise from world leading brands.  Not only that, but within the store is a large restaurant/café able to seat over 150 people.

As with most retailers heating/air conditioning and lighting are a large part of the energy consumption within the store.  As well as display items such as TV’s.  Within this store there is also a large kitchen to support the restaurant.

After completing a fact find on the store and analysing the billing from existing supplier arrangements we were able to identify large savings for our client if they chose one of the options we had identified.

Our client was able to make an annual saving of £7500.

Our client has a large family run pub offering full pub facilities including bar meals during lunch and dinner as well as offering bed and breakfast for up to 10 guests.  The client had been dealing with a supplier specialising in pub utilities that were billing the client direct.

The Landlord was happy that he had been getting a good deal as his bills had trended down and he only had to deal with a single supplier.

The major energy cost was electricity for lighting, pumps etc.  After analysing the usage for both gas and electricity we were able to demonstrate that by placing the business gas and business electricity with a major utility company at rates brokered by Fresh that he would be some £3692 a year better off.

We have since brokered the contracts out to a different utility company for the next 12 months who were offering a better rate to our client once we were able to manage his renewal process for him.

Our client is a very busy take away establishment in a large housing estate. They are open 7 days a week from 5pm until late. As you can imagine they have a large amount of electrical equipment including pizza ovens, fryers, grills etc. All of which is on pretty much constantly from 5pm. This made for a high amount of energy consumption.

We carried out a fact find on the current supplier arrangements of electricity and gas that were being provided by two separate suppliers. We were able to present the client with an option to remain with one of the suppliers but obtain both electricity and gas from that supplier. Not only that but we were able to offer our client a significant reduction in their energy costs saving them at least 30% of what they had been originally paying.

This saving made a huge difference to the bottom line profits of the business. They would have had to sell an additional 750 pizzas to gain the same profits.

Average Saving Per Customer
£ 500m
Overspent by SME's Each Year on Energy
Of Micro Businesses Paying Deemed Rates
Customer Satisfaction

Our Customers Love Us.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why.

Accountancy Practice

We were referred to speak to Fresh Utilities about our Electricity renewal which was due in 3 months time.  From the first phone call the experience was extremely professional and we felt at ease with all aspects of the process.  We were kept in informed of every stage of the process from the initial fact find regarding our contracts to the proposal and then signature on the new contracts.  The whole process was seamless and our only involvement was to agree to the proposal (which wasn’t a hard decision considering they had been able to find an option that saved us 27% compared to our previous year) and sign a few documents.

We are now working with Fresh Utilities and introducing them to all our clients to see how they can assist them with reducing their energy costs.


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Manufacturing Business

We have worked with Fresh Utilities now for over 6 years.  We were first introduced by one of our suppliers who had highly recommended that we at least give them a try.  At first we were slightly sceptical about the potential savings that could be made as energy is a major cost to our business and therefore it is something we look to address when the contracts are up for renewal.

When the team at Fresh came back to us with a proposal for renewing both electricity and gas contracts at our 2 sites we were surprised to say the least.  Pleasantly surprised may I add.  Fresh were able to propose renewal contracts that offered a 12% saving.  To put this figure into context, based on our previous years consumption this was a reduction of £67,000.

As stated earlier, Fresh Utilities have handled our contract renewals for over 6 years now and we will continue to do so as the process is simple, efficient and we know it is being handled in our best interests.  This allows us to focus on our business leaving the energy procurement where it should be, in the hands of experts.

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